Lex4Lab, Digital laboratory notebook


Digital laboratory notebook


Acteurs : Université de Technologie de Troyes CNRS, ICD, Tech-CICO,
Lex Persona, éditeur de logiciels en signature électronique et tiers de confiance (Troyes)
De 2013 à 2019.


Give a tool to researchers / innovators to preserve their intellectual property, while protecting their practice and work conditions (mails, teaching, publications, cloud diffusion…). PhD field, 2013 to 2019
Doctoral project, 2013 à 2019, as a PhD student, I designed features for the running app in UTT.
The aim was to guide users in a complex situation. Compiling needs, constraints and technical complexity, to get intuitive interfaces.
Collaborative project between the Université de Technologie de Troyes and the Lex Persona company, software editor (Troyes, France).


Protect the Intellectual/ Industrial Property

– Some interfaces of the software Lex4Lab, running in UTT since 2013.

As a researcher or innovator, intellectual property (IP) protection is an important topic. However, in reality, they have not so many tools to do so, apart from writing a patent, which comes rather late in the process of innovation.
Lex4Lab, a complete electronic laboratory notebook, offers a solution to protect IP from the start of the development of an innovation.

The software is designed based on several scenarios of IP disputes, and on interviews with researchers/innovators in real situations.

– Extract from a scenario according to the use cases

Design process

The design process in which I was involved consists of iterations over several years throughout the research process for my doctoral thesis, as well as the stages of the project in research and development.

– Lex4Lab Design process according to the PhD experiments (Agile)