Pedagogic grammar application

Pedagogic grammar



Calligramme lab team, Laboratoire Loria (INRIA), Nancy
6 monthes project, 2010


Conception of a pedagogic application about French grammar, high school level teacher interviews, need analysis, functional modelisation, content modelisation, wireframes, Dys-type adaptation (dysphasia, dyslexia)


Grammar, a game for everyone (DYS)

– the “LEOPAR in high school” Low-Fi wireframes

Leopar is a parser for interaction grammars. The official publication, by Bruno Guillaume and Guy Perrier, of LORIA (INRIA) in Nancy was made in 2010. The engine is developed but lacks concrete applications. The LEOPAR project in high school undertakes to imagine applications as a games, to integrate French grammar at a high school level.
Ex: Variable / invariable aj-djectives,
subject verb complement,
name expansions, …

Design process

– We are first inspired by exercises taken from textbooks

Then, by interviewing college professors, we take note of their experience with other software or websites: the texts used in apps do not interest students, do not interest all levels … Worse, most are not suitable for students who have reading difficulties (language disorders, DYS disorders … approximately estimated 7% of students).
LEOPAR, the parser, can really bring great interest and condition the playful use of grammar software. Example of parsing:

Finally, each professor can choose his own text, that will be used in the exercises according to the student’s passions or his reading level.

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